Say Goodbye To Your Hard Or Medium Toothbrush

A Little Toothbrush History

Did you know the first toothbrush was invented in 1498? How far have we evolved since then? Little has changed until now.

Do you have a flossing toothbrush?

Only a few years ago we had 3 choices in toothbrush categories, hard, medium and soft. It was actually difficult finding a soft toothbrush as the majority sold were hard and medium. Opinions have certainly changed as we have found out what a couple of decades of over brushing has done to our teeth and gums.

Do you have a perfect routine?

If you brush at two to three times a day any plaque build-up is most likely the result of the difficulty reaching into the awkward areas of your mouth. The back of your rear molars is a good example. Unless you are a python this area is extremely difficult to brush effectively!

Plaque is sticky but isn't that difficult to remove. For most people, the plaque build-up occurs at the gum line. The complication that arises is if you brush your gum line too roughly you can damage your gums.

The best solution is to use a water flosser with a Xylitol delivery system. Water flossing is very effective at removing biofilm and plaque. By adding a low abrasion, calcium-rich toothpaste to this routine we have the perfect solution.

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