Wel Club Membership

Customers who purchase $100 of products per year qualify for our Wel Club program. They receive 15% off all orders including subscription orders. Customer accounts are reviewed the first week of each month for qualification. First orders do not qualify for the SMILE discount.

Shipping and taxes are excluded from the qualifying total. The 15% discount does not apply to any additional shipping charges.

Wel Club members use the discount code SMILE for 15% off their order.

Wel Club, Lifetime Warranty for Welflos Water Flossers
 Never buy another water flosser

Receive a lifetime warranty by purchasing a minimum of $100 every year uninterrupted at weldental.com (sales tax and shipping excluded). Weldental will continue to warranty your water flosser provided it has not been abused, misused, altered or damaged and was used according to our instructions. Contact us if you need clarification.

We also offer our Wel Club members a flat rate repair shipping fee of $14.95 after your 2nd year. We will send you a prepaid/padded envelope/box to make it easy for you to send your base in for repair. Shipping is free for the first 2 years for Wel Club members.

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